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Youth Ministry Update

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Mission Statement

Sacred Heart is a Catholic Parish that has grown and developed with the Community of Robbinsdale, since 1910. Our influence in the community has come from our strong Catholic tradition of worship, service and education.

Ours is a community of great diversity. We are a warm, friendly and faith-filled people with a strong sense of moral values. We are witnesses of Jesus Christ in the world.

This parish recognizes that it has multiple ministerial needs, including evangelization, education and formation, outreach, community worship and spiritual guidance in the life of faith. These needs are met through the active participation and support of all members of the community.

Our vision is to increase awareness of our pastoral needs and to promote spirituality within our parish, diocese and the universal church, all in response to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We serve the communities of Robbinsdale, New Hope, Crystal, Golden Valley, Minneapolis, Plymouth, Brooklyn Center.

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This Week at Sacred Heart

Growing In Faith: March 2014 - Practical Ideas for Catholic Living

Growing In Faith: February 2014- - Practical Ideas for Catholic Living

If you are new to our community, or have not yet become a member of our parish, we invite and encourage you to register. You can register by calling the Parish Office at 763/537-4561 Monday-Friday and speak with Darlene Doran.

Fr. Bryan J. B. Pedersen
Dr. James Ramsey

Mass Times
Sunday 8am & 10am
11:30 (Latin Mass)
Saturday 5pm
Monday 8am *
* Communion Service
Prayer Line - Call Michele at 763-717-0444

Archocesan Q&A